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So now you’ve got that in-person interview!

Dear Internet, Another institution contacted me today to schedule an interview. #fistpump Once I confirmed I was still interested, I started researching the location to see if it would be a good fit for me. Now you may be wondering why I’m doing this as it’s the “get to know you” interview. Simple: I applied for the position as it seemed… Read more →

I Want To Be A XXX Librarian, Part IV

  Dear Internet, My writing about the job finding process, the frustrations, and how to plan when you don’t get a job is not a new thing. I touched about it in library school: To degree or on to degree: that is the question (2008) I wrote extensively about the process when I graduated from library school and applied for 110 jobs… Read more →

we need to talk about #teamharpy

*nina has written their thoughts on the nearing year anniversary since the dismissal of the case. Dear Internet, March 25th is the one year anniversary of #teamharpy case being dismissed, by the plaintiff’s lawyers’ request no less, from court. There are several reasons why I’m writing this. First, to set the record straight, to tell in chronological order what happened and how… Read more →